Can't Be | Benny Love

One of the greatest joys of a music lover is stumbling upon a new artist and then recommending that artist to all your friends. Now imagine the euphoria that could be obtained by a music lover if an artist stumbled upon by his or herself then led them toward another artist.  We do not know much about Benny Love except that she either hails from or is working out of Atlanta Georgia and that the three songs on her SoundCloud are dope.  The infectious "Can't Be" one of three songs posted on Benny Love's SoundCloud was reposted both on SoundCloud and Tumblr by Rochelle Jordan "the R&B Princess from the East side of Toronto" who is making waves as an R&B newcomer herself. Benny's hypnotic vocals layed over the trance like sounds provided by Dream Koala are haunting in the most pleasant way possible and will stick with the listener for the remainder of the day after first listen.